Managing Fire For Safety & Sustainability

Welcome to Firescape Science

Firescape Science is an environmental science consulting business with a focus on excellence in natural resource management.  We are the one-stop-shop for all your fire management needs.

Firescape Science provides a comprehensive range of fire management services:


  • Strategic planning to improve fire management at State and regional levels
  • Customised fire management plans for individual properties
  • Weed management plans
  • Recommendations on the actions required to achieve your ‘strategic view’ in light of your day-to-day operations and organisational structure.



“Hands-on” help turning plans into action, from large scale government operations to grass-roots property managers. We can help you to make the links with others to ensure first class delivery across a range of activities.

Monitoring & Reviewing

Monitoring and reviewing are critical to ensure planning and implementation are delivered effectively. Our team has expertise in monitoring, and are committed to delivering monitoring programs that meet the interests, needs and operational constraints of clients.

Operational Integration

We specialise in ensuring that plans and actions are achieving results for your organisation.


Complete on-the-job training in the following areas:

  • GIS mapping
  • Fire management planning
  • Various topics relating to conservation planning, native plant and animal identification and vegetation monitoring relating to natural resource management

General Philosophy

The Right Fire in the Right Place at the Right Time…

A general misconception is that fire is destructive in the natural environment and is to be avoided at all costs.  However, fire has been used for land management in many parts of the world for centuries.  Responsible land stewardship means actively managing land to minimise the risk of uncontrolled or ‘wild’ fires, and proactively using fire as a tool to achieve positive and sensible land management outcomes.