Managing Fire For Safety & Sustainability

Our Experience

Firescape Science is an environmental consultancy business, with a principal focus on natural resource management.

Dr Leasie Felderhof is the Managing Director and Principal Scientist. She holds a PhD in Environmental Science (Fire Ecology).  Leasie Felderhof, Paul Williams and Mick Blackman are our principal fire management consultants.

But we specialise in more than just fire!

Firescape Science operates as a cluster organisation and brings together a diverse range of consultants to team up on a collaborative basis or bring individual skills to projects.  We are able to provide the exact skill base to suit individual client needs.  Our experts cover a range of fields, including GIS, remote sensing, aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity, community and land development planning and policy on hand to assist in delivering to your specifications.

Our client base is varied, from individual property owners to large government departments.  We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop, able to match our client’s requirements by drawing on our network of consultants.

General skills

  • Fire management
  • Biodiversity assessment – flora and fauna surveys (including fish), conservation plans and habitat mapping
  • GIS and remote sensing, including spatial statistics and analysis
  • Trail mapping and GPS
  • Aerial incendiary operations
  • Project management
  • Interpreting and implementing legislation
  • Research and data gathering
  • A practical understanding of landscape functioning, ecosystem services, conservation planning and natural resource management
  • Providing policy advice
  • Developing, preparing and implementing strategic plans for different organisations and on different topics (at state, regional and property scales)
  • Preparing operational plans for natural resource management activities, especially with respect to using fire as a land management tool
  • Land management plan drafting for Trust Reserves and freehold land
  • Community consultation and engagement
  • Training staff in environmental science at various levels
  • Writing reports relevant to local conditions and the client’s operating environment.

Recent clients

  • Mining companies
  • Research organisations
  • Natural Resource Management groups
  • Traditional Owner groups and Indigenous agencies
  • Environmental consulting companies
  • State government
  • Local government
  • Utility companies
  • Primary industries


We invite you to contact our referee:

Dr Jeremy Russell-Smith

Fire Management Consultant

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