Managing Fire For Safety & Sustainability

Our Team

The Firescape Science team is made up of a number of consultants from a range of key environmental and social disciplines – we can create the perfect team for any project.  Our key staff are:

Fire, mapping and land management team

Dr Leasie Felderhof – director and principal environmental scientist

  • PhD in Earth and Environmental Science, James Cook University
  • Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management (Pass with exceptional merit), University of New England
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Class 1) (Botany and Zoology), James Cook University

Dr Felderhof has been involved in a number of local, regional and state environmental projects ranging from regional conservation strategies, developing fire management systems, firescar mapping, remote sensing projects, threatened species recovery plans and biodiversity research.  She has worked in tropical North Queensland for her entire career and has an extensive network of friends, associates and fellow scientists to draw upon when specialist expertise is required.


Linda Brosnan – accounts and administrative support

Linda is based in our office looking after our accounts as well as helping to manage the day to day operations of the business.

Dr Gay Crowley – consultant

  • PhD in Botany, James Cook University
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Botany and Geography)

Dr Crowley  is an ecologist who works with land managers, environmental planners and researchers to develop collaborative conservation options.

Dr Don Franklin – consultant

  • PhD in Ecology
  • Master of Science

Dr Franklin is a wildlife ecologist specialising in the conservation biology of birds and on plant ecology. He is an experienced botanist in savanna landscapes both in the Northern Territory and on Cape York Peninsula. Don is part of our carbon team. He surveys vegetation in order to prepare the verified vegetation maps needed for project registration under the Carbon Farming Initiative’s Savanna Fire Management methodology.

Liz Poon – casual research assistantLiz Poon

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Class 1) (Environmental Science), James Cook University

Liz assists with research projects by gathering background information, undertaking GIS analysis and preparing reports.