Managing Fire For Safety & Sustainability

This book is about Australia’s tropical savannas, their current values and future prospects.  Our focus is on trees in savanna landscapes.  Our aim is to provide a balanced perspective on the issue of tree retention versus clearing.

Much of the information about the benefits of trees and the impacts of clearing is not readily accessible to people.  This book provides perspectives and guidelines to assist people with a stake in the future prosperity and sustainability of savanna landscapes.






Small parrots the size of a budgerigar, golden-shouldered parrots live on seeds that are abundant in the grassy woodlands of the peninsula. They are endangered because of changes in land management over the last 120 years, which have affected both nesting and feeding habitat.

Appropriate land management appears to be the key to recovery of the golden-shouldered parrot, as well as to the maintenance of many other species and ecological systems on Cape York Peninsula. This booklet contains guidelines that will assist in the maintenance of healthy native vegetation on Cape York Peninsula, to the benefit of both nature conservation and pastoral values of native grasslands.



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